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Waseem Stark

Greetings from Buenos Aires

Reporting live from Buenos Aires this afternoon. Hope everybody's week is going well! Having lived in tourist-heavy cities for the better part of my life, I've always been extra cautious to not look like one when I travel abroad. As much as I appreciate the camera around the neck with a Yankees hat combo, I try my best to not stick out like the loud American that I know I am. Enter Frank & Oak. Their timing on this collaboration could not have been more perfect. I was looking for some fall pieces to throw in my suitcase and they just launched their Fall...

Paperboy Blues

My obsession with the 1920s knows no boundaries. I loved everything about that decade. The culture, the music, and most importantly, the fashion. Suits were not just for weddings, they were the daily uniform. And they weren't the boring suits that you see today; Broad shoulders, wide lapels, bold colors were the norm. And um, people actually made time to read the paper. Squad goals for real, you guys. *sheds tear* Fortunately, there has been a renaissance of the modern gentleman within the past year with the return of the double breasted suit. You probably saw Danny Tanner and Michael...

Wine Bombers & Dolla Bills

I still got my money! This red wine bomber has to be the most worn item in my closet. My obsession with jackets & zippers is going to become very apparent as I post more outfits here. This one is definitely my fav though; I love the color, the zippers, and the fabric. It always...Continue reading

Independence Day

I frigging love America. And seeing as how it’s America’s birthday, it’s only right that I pay homage to the red, white and blue with this quick casual and polished look. I’m a big fan of vests. It’s the easiest way to class up a boring button down shirt. The trick to not look like...Continue reading