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Waseem Stark

Backpacks & Beat Machines

Fun fact: I am insecure. I am insecure about my abilities as a record producer/songwriter. Maybe it’s because I never grew up around music. Maybe it’s because I never took a single class so I can’t read or write a note of music. Or maybe, just maybe – It’s because secretly I know deep down that I’m not...Continue reading

The more things change…

…The more they stay the same. For as long as I can remember, my mom would always make me drink tea at the end of my day. It didn’t matter if I came from school, or work – Tea was something that she wired into my system. Growing up in a South Asian household, you’re expected to...Continue reading

My not-so Valentine’s Day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A few days ago, I posted this picture with some advice on where/how to buy flowers for your significant other. The post was filled with tons of people tagging their bf/gfs asking to “take notes”. I should have taken notes my damn self before doling out the tips, because lo and behold – I was...Continue reading

Pink is the new pink

It’s Valentine’s week! Seeing as how bae day is right around the corner, it’s only right that I show you guys this super fly, super pink “Love” sweatsuit by 5ivepillars. Please just look at how dope this hoodie/sweatpant combo is! The hoodie reads “Love” in arabic and the pants have the number 5 written on them. I’ve worn this outfit out, and people have some STRONG opinions about it. They will either ask “omg where did you get that from?” or "why are you wearing a pink jumpsuit?” Lol we don’t need to worry about the latter, we’re on another wave with...