Backpacks & Beat Machines

Fun fact: I am insecure. I am insecure about my abilities as a record producer/songwriter. Maybe it’s because I never grew up around music. Maybe it’s because I never took a single class so I can’t read or write a note of music. Or maybe, just maybe – It’s because secretly I know deep down that I’m not talented. Unlike most artists that can just create music without really trying or thinking about it, every single step is a struggle for me. I’m not gifted by any measure of the word; I’m just obsessed enough to carry myself through the journey.

I arrived at this realization when I met other hopeful producers & songwriters. I saw the fluidity in how they create music, and how far I was from that. So, like a skinny guy at a fancy gym – I left the big crowds and started creating music in my own world.

Through this process, the only thing that really stuck with me was my backpack. Look, I know how ridiculous this sounds – But when you go out on a limb by yourself, every piece of support helps.  This is why when approached me with their idea to share my journey, I instantly identified with it and was happy to partner up!

You can read my full article on their website here, and while you’re at it – Be sure to check out their bags! To be honest, I was never a fan of backpacks, but there’s something about the clean and minimal designs about these bags that’s just dope to me! With the right outfit, a backpack is the perfect accessory. I’m rocking a more versatile, everyday bag here, but they’ve got some SUPER sexy leather bags as well (Psst and psst).
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WaseemStark + Backpacks 1


WaseemStark + BackPack 4

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