The more things change…

…The more they stay the same. For as long as I can remember, my mom would always make me drink tea at the end of my day. It didn’t matter if I came from school, or work – Tea was something that she wired into my system. Growing up in a South Asian household, you’re expected to drink tea everywhere you go, and if you don’t, it’s considered an insult! lol

That was almost two decades ago. Fast forward to 2016 where almost everything is instant, disposable and temporary; I still make a piping hot cup of tea at the end of my day. The point is, there are some traditions that are timeless. Trends will always come and go, but there are certain styles that will stand the test of time. Case in point: Titan JUXT, Engineered by HP.

The main reason I’m a fan of this watch is that it blends the classic styling of a timepiece with the technology of a smartwatch. It instantly synced up to my email, calendar, contacts and social media so I get push notifications on directly on my wrist. All of this wrapped in a classic, elegant face that you can suit up in.

Ladies, if you looking for a gift idea – This might be it. Check out all the deets on this glorious watch here. #EngineeredbyHP

Titan-Waseem-Stark Titan-Waseem-Stark-2 Titan-Waseem-Stark-3 Titan-Waseem-Stark-4 Titan-Waseem-Stark-6Titan-Waseem-Stark-5

FTC Disclosure: Sponsored post for Titan JUXT, Engineered by HP. All opinions are my own.