My not-so Valentine’s Day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A few days ago, I posted this picture with some advice on where/how to buy flowers for your significant other. The post was filled with tons of people tagging their bf/gfs asking to “take notes”. I should have taken notes my damn self before doling out the tips, because lo and behold – I was not able to get my wife any flowers. I wasn’t able to get her a gift either. In fact we barely made dinner. None of this was for lack of trying, it was just a series of extremely unfavorable circumstances. 

Without getting into the details, we made plans and things just fell apart last minute. What I didn’t realize, was that even though the plans were a must have, so were all the other things that come with the plans: The flowers, the card, the gift. (PS major alert, guys: The flowers and the card don’t count as gifts, they are gestures. The gift is the actual gift. All the other stuff is still important – But you can’t substitute flowers/candy/card for a gift.)

So to recap: You gotta make plans for the day, lock down dinner reservations, buy her flowers, get her a written card, pick up her favorite chocolates, and a gift that she’s had her eye on. Each of which is a must have, but not substitutable for the other. Capiche?

lol it’s not easy being a guy during the holidays – And it won’t get easier as you get older & married. Real life pops up, other responsibilities take place and the flowers & candy seem trivial – But to her, it’s anything but. I promise you no matter how many years, kids or houses you guys have – She will still look a dozen roses the same as when you guys first started dating.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – Yes, I got an earful from the wifey. I took a major L, but I took it like a man. I say all this to arrive at this one piece of advice that I give to myself before anyone else reading this: Please, let’s just get our shit together for the next holiday/anniversary/birthday.